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Yasmine Aline MUA specialises in creating captivating makeup looks tailored for special occasions, such as birthdays and nights out. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for enhancing natural beauty, Yasmine brings a personalised touch to each clients unique style.

Yasmine's expertise extends to a diverse range of styles, from subtle and elegant to bold and glamorous, allowing her to cater to various tastes and themes. Yasmine transforms special occasions into unforgettable moments, leaving a lasting impression with her artistry and dedication to making clients feel extraordinary.

Clients who choose Yasmine for their special occasions not only benefit from her exceptional skills but also experience a fun and light hearted appointment. Often told it’s like being glammed by an old friend. Whether it's a birthday celebration or a milestone event, Yasmine elevates the beauty experience, making it a memorable part of the overall celebration.

We are always happy to discuss through any special occasion makeup service so make an enquiry for a discussion.

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